When Is Groundhog Day 2017 in USA and Canada?

The groundhog day celebrated on 2nd February of every year. This year, Groundhog day 2017 will be on Thursday, 33rd day of year. Scroll below to know groundhog facts, early predictions, and most importantly check out groundhog day 2017 results and, below see did the groundhog see his shadow in 2017 and Punxsutawney phil 2017 predictions live coverage + video.

What is Groundhog's Day?
Groundhog Day or Hedgehog Day or Marmot Day, is a holiday related to prognostication associated with the weather. On the specific day (2nd feb) the Groundhog (marmot) come out of underground hole and look for his own shadow. what does it mean when the groundhog sees his shadow? According to Groundhog day organizers/fans if it don't sees its shadow then that is a sign of early arrival of spring. Otherwise, the Groundhog will go back to his burrow and by this action people predicts that winter will remain for six weeks more.

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When Is Groundhog Day Calendar

The day comes way before Ramadan month. First time it was celebrated only in usa but now it can be seen in Canada, and in Germany as well.

In the following calendar you can see on what day of week it falls with a countdown showing number of days and time left in start.

Holiday / Event How Many Days Until
Groundhog Day 2015 - Week no. 06, Monday, 2nd February 2015
Groundhog Day 2016 - Week no. 05, Tuesday, 2nd February 2016
Groundhog Day 2017 - Week no. 05, Thursday, 2nd February 2017
Groundhog Day 2018 - Week no. 05, Friday, 2nd February 2018
Groundhog Day 2019 - Week no. 05, Saturday, 2nd February 2019
Groundhog Day 2020 - Week no. 06, Sunday, 2nd February 2020
Groundhog Day 2021 - Week no. 05, Tuesday, 2nd February 2021
Groundhog Day 2022 - Week no. 05, Wednesday, 2nd February 2022
Groundhog Day 2023 - Week no. 05, Thursday, 2nd February 2023
Groundhog Day 2024 - Week no. 05, Friday, 2nd February 2024

History of Groundhog day
The day is originated from Pennsylvania Germans in 18th century. First time Groundhog day celebrated in 1887 in which the phil saw shadow and indicated the weather will remain cold for six more weeks. Since then, this day has been celebrated 118 times each year except the nine years in between 1889 to 1899 of which no record of its predictions / celebration has been discovered.

What about the Groundhog day prediction?
2014: Shadow at 7:28 AM; 39ยบ overcast skies with fog. It's Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday. 2013: In 2013 Phil sees no shadow and predicted an early arrival of spring but, it was not right because the spring didn't came early. On behalf of record of Phil predictions till now, the probability of being right is 40 percent, approximately.
2015: Spring is not coming soon as per Groundhog prognostication. TL;DR - Punxsutawney phil the Groundhog of Pennsylvania see's shadow in 2015.
2016: Spring is on its way soon as per Groundhog prediction on Tuesday, 2nd Feb, 2016. TL;DR - Punxsutawney phil the Groundhog of Pennsylvania see's no shadow in 2016.

Did the groundhog see his shadow today

2017: Did the groundhog see his shadow 2017? The groundhog day 2017 results and recording will become available here as soon the event happen.


Video Transcription

Groundhog Day has a history that predates the film the Punxutawney ceremony even the name. Hey there tracy for Discovery news. Groundhogs day is upon us and six more weeks of winter? Isn't what it used to be, literally. The film groundhog day is on Bill Murray classics and his yanks twenty years old this year. The movie surrounds a Pennsylvania tradition of watching a groundhog come out of it hole to see its shadow and blah blah, you know the drill. The difference is in the movie Bill Murray is living the same day over and over again as a character named Phil. The punxsutawney ceremony is taking place every year since 1887 with Phil being right about thirty-nine percent of the time. Groundhog day 2017 is almost here and a winter is last in which is due this fuel. Hey there tracy for Dnews, and Groundhogs day is almost here coming to just do this no know we can just do this. Before Groundhog day was celebrated in the US. It was also celebrated also back in Europe. Candlemass was a holiday adopted by the chri tians where a blessed Candle was put in the window and that light would ward off the evil spirits a winter. Part 2, the Christian holiday Asian people would celebrate this time here to mark the halfway point between the winter sp;stoce in the spring equinox. Even though it's called Groundhog day. Alright, Groundhog day is it we definitely done this before people. I have definitely been here before we have done this already. Nope just go to your lines, Fine. Groundhog days OLD 1887 Pennsylvania Germans Candlemas Europeans Christians, halfway between the winter solstice spring equinox we got it. Having an animal predict the weather is not a new thing the europeans brought it over here with them. But they could not find any hedgehogs. So, instead they use the groundhog which looks pretty similar. Pennsylvania was the first in the world to hold the ceremony because they have a lots of German settlers. Texas has a similar ceremony but instead of a groundhog its an armadillo and then atlanta has generally boa card which is also groundhog. And Ohio uses these cute little caterpillars and we have those in Michigan too. More black than brown.. Ninjaa.. Are you still here? I know what's happening. Would seem to me that people from many cultures want to know when this blasted winter in 2017 is over. And when its going to get warm again. Do you have a Groundhog day 2017 tradition? Make sure you cast a shadow in our comments section, let us know. Thanks for tuning in Discovery News and in getting two videos every single day the week. Have a great weekend everyone and Phil lets get some spring on. I'm Tracy see you later.

How Many Groundhog Day Events In 2016

Though Punxsutawney phil is the most prominent and popular groundhog day event Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania but, in Last year on 2nd feb more than 30 Groundhog day events has been recorded across the world. This year the numbers of Groundhog day 2017 events has decreased to 16 as per our records. Check them to get groundhog day 2017 weather prediction as much near to your city.

Will Groundhog See Shadow in 2017 Answer from History

On 2nd feb 2017 as of each year the people of town Punxsutawney will celebrate the legendary Phil prediction for spring with a festive atmosphere of music and food. During the ceremony which begins well before the sunrise of winter morning. On groundhog day phil emerges from his rural area famous home which is 3 kilometeres away from the city. And then in presence of camera, lights, and people phil try to find his shadow to predict is winter coming soon or not.

Groundhog Day 2017 Results and History:

Punxsutawney phil organizers claims on their website that phil predictions are hundred percent true but phils predictions and results from history says something else. It says the Punxsutawney phil predictions made on groundhog day probability of being right is only 39%. Means the chances of groundhog prediction come true is only 4 out of 10. This is even not half. So, I guess this year as well people has to believe opposite of whatever phil predicts on groundhog day 2017.

Anyway, I will be there on the occasion of groundhog day 2017 and will cover and report you guys did groundhog see his shadow 2017 or not. Oh yeah, there will be good together with locals and it is festive morning organized by Punxsutawney phil officials, so come and enjoy!

What is Groundhog Day 2017 Timing?

In this post I'm sharing the groundhog day 2017 timing which are for Punxsutawney phil from Pennsylvania event. Because it is the most popular event out of several dozen of similar groundhog events happen across the world on February second. Well, the event timing when the groundhog has to come out of his burrow to look for his shadow is 07:25 AM EST. If you are following any other time zone then look below for converted times;

06:25 AM CST
05:25 AM MST
04:25 AM PST
03:25 AM AKST
02:29 AM HST

So, I'm sure I have covered most of the time zones followed in USA, that will make it easy to catch groundhog day 2017 live event in case you are looking for it. Thanks

Tumbleweed 2017 - Did Tumbleweed See His Shadow 2017

As you already know Tumbleweed is the one of most popular individual from Brookfield, Illinois. On Groundhog day 2017, as of each year February 2nd, The Tumbleweed Groundhog officials bring Tumbleweed come out of his burrow to predict do we have to face 6 more weeks of winter or not. If the sky is clear and shiny, then probably Tumbleweed will see his shadow and will go back to his burrow indicating six more weeks of winter, otherwise early arrival of spring. Watch out below space to see did Tumbleweed see his shadow in 2017 results and, the Tumbleweed 2017 video of weather prognostication is/will become available as it happen.

Keep in mind the chances of Tumbleweed being true are 50-50 as per record, but who cares when you get the reason to do a get together, laugh, music, food, and everything that happens in a festive environment.

Have a Happy Groundhog Day 2017!